Lab Alumni

Graduate Students


Daniel Elbich, Ph.D. - Former Graduate Student

Christina Webb, Ph.D. - Former Graduate Student
Postdoc at the University of Texas, Dallas working with Dr. Kristen Kennedy in the Kennedy Neuroimaging of Aging and Cognition Lab.

Indira Turney, Ph.D. - Former Graduate Student
Postdoc at Columbia University Medical Center working with Dr. Jennifer Manly.

John McCormich-Huhn, Ph.D. - Former Graduate Student
Law student at the William S. Boyd School of Law at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Caitlin Bowman, Ph.D. - Former Graduate Student
Postdoc at the University of Oregon with Dr. Dasa Zeithamova-Demircan in the Brain and Memory Lab.

Avery Rizio, Ph.D. - Former Graduate Student
Postdoc at Penn State University working with Dr. Michele Diaz in the Language and Aging Lab.

Affiliated Graduate Student

Angela Grant, Ph.D. - Former Graduate Student

Research Assistants and Other Lab Alumni

Riana Isett (RA - Class of 2020) 

Bianka Onwumbiko (RA - Class of 2020) 

Min Sung Seo (RA - Class of 2020) 

Manzhao Long (RA - Class of 2020) 

Harini Babu (RA - Class of 2020) 

Bennett Kautz (RA - Class of 2020) 

Lyz Cherry (RA - Class of 2020)

Maggie Hartley (RA - Class of 2020)

Valeria Martinzez (RA - Class of 2019)

Haley Marttila (RA - Class of 2019)

Samantha Berry (RA - Class of 2019)
Graduate Student in Engineering at Penn State University.

Natalie Angelo (RA - Class of 2019)

Ambar Feliz (RA - Class of 2019)

Christina Dudzik (RA - Class of 2019)

Corey Gluck (RA - Class of 2018)

Haley Iriondo (RA- Class of 2018)
Joined the Peace Corps

Jessie Chien (RA- Class of 2018)
Master's student in Angela Gutchess' Aging, Culture, and Cognition Lab at Brandeis Uuniversity.

Holly Richardson (RA-Class of 2018)

Jordan Goodman (Lab Manager)

Casey Ryan (Honors RA - Class of 2017)

Olivia Chough (RA - Class of 2017)

Emily Sosso (RA - Transferred to UPitt)

Kyle Kurkela (Lab Manager)
Graduate Student in Dr. Maureen Ritchey's MemoLab at Boston College.

Kristina Peterson (Lab Manager)
Research Assistant in Dr. Scott Hayes' Memory and Neuroimaging Lab at Boston University's Memory Disorders Research Center.

Dana Miller (RA - Class of 2016)
Crisis Counselor at Mount Nittany Medical Center.

James Farrel (RA - Class of 2016)
Medical Student at Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine.

Shalome Sine (RA - Class of 2016)

Kaila Lessner (RA - Class of 2016)
Medical Student at Penn State Hershey College of Medicine.

Alexandra Manbeck (RA - Class of 2015) 

Hunter Johndro (RA - Class of 2015) 
PhD Student with Dr. Liz Race in the Integrative Cognitive Neuroscience Lab at Tufts university.

Courtney Allen (RA - Class of 2013) 
MBA Candidate at University of Ilinois at Urbana-Champaign.

David Hoagey (RA - Class of 2011)
Graduate Student at University of Texas at Dallas, working with Kristen Kennedy studying cognitive aging.

Simon Vandekar (Former Lab Manager)
Imaging Analyst at University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine