Welcome to the Cognitive Aging & Neuroimaging Lab!

The Cognitive Aging & Neuroimaging (CAN) Lab, in the Department of Psychology at Penn State, examines the effects of aging on learning and memory processes using both behavioral and functional neuroimaging (fMRI) methods. Our lab focuses on several cognitive processes associated with learning and memory including the study of true memories, false memories, relational memories, implicit learning and cognitive control of both remembering and forgetting. With respect to cognitive aging, our research concentrates on the examination of age-related neural markers of cognitive decline, as well as mechanisms for neural compensation.


12/19/2016 We were featured on the Penn State's Social, Life, and Engineering Sciences Imaging Center's (SLEIC) website for our recent publications. Read more about this here: http://imaging.psu.edu/news/1524/several-new-papers-dr-nancy-denniss-cognitive-aging-and-neuroimaging-lab

11/10/2016 We would like to welcome Liliana "Lily" Katherine Webb to the CAN Lab (born Oct. 30) and wish Christina Webb and family, all the best in nurturing this little scientist!

10/26/2016 She's at it AGAIN! Indira Turney was awarded our college's Research & Graduate Studies Office (RGSO) Dissertation Award. Congrats Indira!!!


In Press

Geib, B.R., Stanley, M.L., Dennis, N.A., Woldorff, M. & Cabeza, R. (in press). From hippocampus to whole-brain: The role of integrative processing in episodic memory retrieval. Human Brain Mapping.

Turney, I.C., Dennis, N.A, Maillet, D., & Rajah, M.N. (in press). Exploring the influence of encoding format on subsequent memory. Memory.

Grant, A. & Dennis, N.A. (in press). Increased processing speed in young adult bilinguals: evidence from source memory judgments.Bilingualism: Language and Cognition.

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