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The Cognitive Aging & Neuroimaging (CAN) Lab, in the Department of Psychology at Penn State, examines the effects of aging on learning and memory processes using both behavioral and functional neuroimaging (fMRI) methods. Our lab focuses on several cognitive processes associated with learning and memory including the study of true memories, false memories, relational memories, implicit learning and cognitive control of both remembering and forgetting. With respect to cognitive aging, our research concentrates on the examination of age-related neural markers of cognitive decline, as well as mechanisms for neural compensation.

*Dr. Dennis is recruiting new graduate students for Fall 2019*


8/3/2018 After a 9 year career in the CANLab as an undergraduate and graduate student, we can finally say CONGRATULATIONS to now Dr. Christina Webb, Ph.D. on her successful dissertation defense!!!

5/31/2018 Many, many congratulations to now Dr. John McCormick-Huhn, Ph.D. on successfully defending his dissertation!!!

5/24/2018 CONGRATULATIONS to now Dr. Indira Turney, Ph.D. on successfully defending her dissertation!!!

 5/21/2018 Congrats Christina on publishing your paper The effect of useful field of view training on brain activity and connectivity in The Journals of Gerontology: Series B!



In Press

Ross, L. A., Webb, C. E., Whitaker, C. W., Hicks, J. M., Schmidt, E. L., Samimy, S., & Dennis, N. A. (in press). The effect of useful field of view training on brain activity and connectivity. The Journals of Gerontology: Series B.

Webb, C. E. & Dennis, N. A. (in press). Differentiating true and false schematic memories in older adults. Journals of Gerontology: Series B.

Dennis, N.A. & Turney, I.C. (in press). The influence of perceptual similarity and individual differences on false memories in aging. Neurobiology of Aging.

Overman, A.A., Dennis, N.A., McCormick-Huhn, J.M., Steinsiek, A., Cesar, L. (in press). Same face, same place, different memory: Manner of presentation modulates the associative deficit in older adults. Aging, Neuropsychology, and Cognition.

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